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At BurCon 2013, Rob Benedict revealed to his fans that he'd had a small stroke during the convention in Toronto back in October. Thankfully he's all right, and his doctors say that he's doing well. Still, this news deeply affected the Supernatural family. It's scary to have something like this happen to someone we all care so much about.
Carry On wanted to do something special for Rob to show him just how much he means to all of us!
We are asking fans to send us their Rob Benedict photo ops or pictures that they've taken of Rob*, along with a short(ish) message.
E-mail your photos and messages to mail@carryonspn.com or leave a message at this page.
No photo op? No problem! Feel free to send a message to Rob all the same!
We will combine them all together and present the final product to Rob at the Vegas convention in March.
Let's show Rob how much he's loved by his Supernatural family!

Deadline is Friday, February 28th!


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Feb. 27th, 2014 02:51 am (UTC)
OH, what a wonderful gesture. thank you for posting; i will have to hunt down my rob photo op and forward.
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