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It's coming!

Six days, people! :-D Are you ready? *cue the epic music*

And in case you haven't heard yet, but Creation is bringing VegasCon back in 2014, but instead of 3 days it'll be 4 days of awesomeness!

2 Silver Passes for Sale

Hi Y'all,

I have been trying to sell my SilverPass for VegasCon, and I just got word that my friend who I had originally purchased tickets to sit next to that she doesn't think she can make it either, so she asked if I would see if anyone wanted a pair of tickets. They are in Row P, seats 48/49. Great chance if you and a friend want to guarantee that you'll be sitting next to each other for the panels! Please comment OR PM me OR email me at risti at livejournal dot com if you're interested. Face value or best offer at this point (especially if you're going to take the pair).

(Really sad since this was going to be my first con but logistically it didn't work out. I'm hoping I can maybe make one of the summer/fall ones, so on the slim chance you already bought tickets for one of those and might be willing to do a trade, let me know!)

Thank you card for Chris

FYI -- today is the last day to sign the thank you card that will be presented at VegasCon to Chris, the awesome photographer at Creation's SPN cons! If you've wanted to sign but forgot, here's your last chance! Sign hereAlso, sorry if you're seeing this multiple times. I'm posting it to a bunch of places, as I want to make sure that everyone who may want to sign it gets a chance. Thanks for your patience and understanding, guys!)
Hi , I have 1 Silver weekend ticket (seat Q20)for the Salute Supernatural convention Las Vegas march 8-10 2013, I now have a gold ticket so I am selling this ticket, I will be putting the ticket up for sale on Ebay this monday. please leave a comment if interested. Cheerz :)
Can you just feel the evil Pagan vibes? lol

I can't believe we're in the home stretch now! :-D

Looking for J2 Photo Op

Hi, My friend is looking for a J2 Photo Op has a paypal account.

selling silver weekend ticket.

I'm selling my silver ticket, for what I paid plus fees $376.  Price is negotiable, if you can't afford the full price. Just want to get rid of the ticket.

ROW: M SEAT: 053

If you are interested please email me at shay100781@gmail.com.

Tickets for sale...

... Hey my friend isnt able to go so I offered to sell her tickets for her, so she has
            - preferred seating S40 for saturday
            - preferred seating J13 for sunday 
            - cocktail party ticket

all of which are for sale I would prefer to sell them off ebay to save on fees, so feel free to email me if interested at crissysrose@gmail.com, I can accept payments through paypal

Pricing is as follows preferred seating is $80 each or both for $160 and the cocktail party is $100, so basically they are the price I paid minus the processing fee

i can't go to Vegas con anymore so i'm selling:

1 Saturday PREF SEAT ticket: ROW E, SEAT 054

1 Jared photo-op.

If you're interested PM me!

PayPal accepted.

Looking for a J2&M photo op

I missed out on getting the J2 and misha photo op.. they sold out in like a day and by the time i got home they were gone..been checking ebay and lj but if anyone who knows of or is selling one.. please let me know! thanks!