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JDM is coming to VegasCon!!

I'm sure you all know that Papa Winchester himself is coming to VegasCon! This is going to be awesome! I believe tickets are already on sale for his autos, photo-ops and group pics. So check out Creation's website and they should be up. :-)
At BurCon 2013, Rob Benedict revealed to his fans that he'd had a small stroke during the convention in Toronto back in October. Thankfully he's all right, and his doctors say that he's doing well. Still, this news deeply affected the Supernatural family. It's scary to have something like this happen to someone we all care so much about.
Carry On wanted to do something special for Rob to show him just how much he means to all of us!
We are asking fans to send us their Rob Benedict photo ops or pictures that they've taken of Rob*, along with a short(ish) message.
E-mail your photos and messages to mail@carryonspn.com or leave a message at this page.
No photo op? No problem! Feel free to send a message to Rob all the same!
We will combine them all together and present the final product to Rob at the Vegas convention in March.
Let's show Rob how much he's loved by his Supernatural family!

Deadline is Friday, February 28th!

Jared Photo Op

Hey guys,

I´m looking for a Jared photo op.
Anyone here who has one for sale?
I´m really desperate. :(
I´m willing to pay more than the normal Creationent price. ;)

Thank you <3

Vegas Con Tix

Hi, I'm looking for two Silver tickets to Vegas Con for me and a friend of mine plus a Jared and Jensen sandwich photo op. It will have been a long time since I've seen her and con would be a fun place to reconnect. So if you could help me out please comment on this or send me a message. Thanks all and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Just gonna throw this out there...

I need an autograph ticket for Jared and Jensen. Anyone willing to deal? No souls required, lol.

2014 Seating Chart

Post in the comments below your seat number and row and I'll add you to the list. :-)


The Fallen Angels photo-op!

Don't know if you guys saw or not, but Creation is offering a Mark S., Mark P., and Misha photo-op for VegasCon! You guys might want to check it out before they run out. :-D

Let's bring the Spn Crew to VegasCon!

First off, I haven't meant to neglect this community. :-) Been busy with RL. Am thrilled that VegasCon will be FOUR days instead of three, but unfortunately I haven't gotten my tickets yet. (Sucks being broke, lol.) Anyways, I saw this on Twitter and thought I'd spread the word: From "Supernatural Wiki ‏@SuperWiki
Let's show @CreationEnt we love our crew & want to see them at more Cons - show your support 2 @TheJimMichaels & @RUSS_MOVIEGOD at Vancon!"
Let's try and bring the crew to VegasCon! I already did my tweeting! :-D

Best Weekend

Thank you for all of you for the best weekend ever at Supernatural Las Vegas. I had a blast. I met some really great people and had some really awesome experiences. The speakers/guests were great as well and everyone from staff, to attendees, to the guests were amazing, helpful, and so friendly.


For those who aren't going to VegasCon, I’m gonna try and post live updates during the Supernatural convention this week on my Twitter account. I’m also going to get a crap-load of pics, as well as trying to get some audio recordings, and maybe even some video recording. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to do, but I will definitely try. :-)

I’ve seen these hastags being used for the Con, so try and follow those too.

If anyone else will be live tweeting, plese add your account here. :-) Thanks!